Friday, November 6, 2015

PEMF: The NASA technology Dr. Oz told everyone to tell their Doctors About!

OK so I don't have time to write about this technology at this very moment but I was so excited about it a year ago, I made a whole blog about it!!  You can see my blog at

Seriously. I was so darn excited about this technology, I wanted to open up a PEMF store and was scoping out places where I might be able to open up a retail location.

Here's part of the Dr. Oz show about PEMF. He encouraged all the people in his studio audience to please tell their doctors about it!

We just purchased a BEMER machine, and in my opinion, it is the best one there is. If you would like more information about this machine, please get in touch with me via the contact form to the right and I will send you a TON of information!

We started out with a Pulsed Harmonix machine, which seemed to benefit my husband but in all honesty I couldn't tell a difference in my energy level (though I did like the way the pulses felt from the coil, while I held them). We got this machine partly because I was very impressed with how much it was able to help this American Bulldog, Elwood, heal from an injury. Seeing him bounce around like a puppy makes me so happy every time I see this video.

Part of the reason I got so excited when I learned about Electrolyzed Reduced Water, is that the "before and after" pictures, showing blood cells from a person who drank electrolyzed reduced water, looked so much like the before and after photos I'd seen from people who'd had a PEMF treatment. Below, you will find two videos that will show before and after results of Electrolyzed Reduced Water, as well as PEMF.

I love that I can share both these technologies and products with people.  

If you'd like to try either PEMF or the water. just get in touch with me via the contact form to the right.