Monday, October 19, 2015

How I Lost Weight and Beat an Eating Disorder

From the age of 15, until I was 26 years old, I struggled with my weight.  After 11 years of food addiction (namely - Binge Eating Disorder) - I finally got a grip, and have kept the weight off my body (and my mind) ever since. 

I spent years writing a book about what I went through, and will be creating a separate blog to help women who are struggling with the same challenges I went through... namely, the pressure to lose weight. 

Although there were many factors that helped me to conquer my obsessive addiction to food, I can tell you right now that there was nothing more effective and more powerful than my decision to give up meat for 30 days. I didn't expect to lose a single pound when I did this (I did it for ethical and spiritual reasons). So it was a really nice surprise to see how doing this simple thing freed me of all the excess weight (and the mental mindf***) I had been battling with for over a decade. 

Please check back later for more details on how I accomplished this, and how you can view the blog dedicated to this book and my journey through food addiction.  I use a lot of humor to relate to women who are going through the same thing. Although I find it funny at times, I know my eating disorder was no joke. I hope to help other women to not waste as much time as I did, obsessing over their weight. 

Life is way too short!

Laura Ellen (Ualani)

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