Sunday, October 18, 2015

How I got rid of a wart that even a dermatologist couldn't get rid of

In 1999, a small wart showed up on one of my fingers (I think it was my right ring finger) and I HATED THIS THING. I tried to get it burned off by a dermatologist but unfortunately, that didn't work. 

I tried using Compound W, and that didn't work either. I will never forget the day I went to a swimming pool while I was babysitting, and my band aid that was covering it kept falling off and it just looked nasty, red and raw and inflamed with white crusty edges from the Compound W (I swear that W stands for Waste of money). The stuff stinks (I can still recall that weird mediciney smell, 15 years later), it burned, and it HURT because I'd burned my skin so badly from the stuff, and now it was being exposed to chlorine! What was there not to hate?

By some crazy stroke of luck, the Mom of the kids I was babysitting for just happened to have a sister who was a health nut. She had just dropped off a book called "Healing with Whole Foods."  I decided to see if there might be anything in there that could get rid of this annoying wart, since conventional and commercial methods just seemed to be making the problem worse.

It said to use garlic. So, I went and got a bottle of  Garlic tablets from Trader Joe's (I don't have a link for the Trader Joe's brand, so I just showed a popular brand on Amazon, above). Mind you, Odorless or "odor controlled" garlic is not completely odorless, but it's a lot more odorless than regular garlic. Though either type would have been fine, because I love the smell of garlic, and for whatever reason, do not consider it to be offensive.  

Anyway, I took a couple of those pills and COULD NOT BELIEVE IT... this damn wart that I had been trying to get rid of, for several months, completely vanished before my eyes within about 2 days, and in over 15 years it hasn't come back. I kid you not. You'd think the dermatologist could have told me about this, but... nope.

I've also heard that Oxalis (wood sorrell) which is the most common weed in Northern California, can get rid of a plantar's wart! (And other warts). That stuff is growing RAMPANT in my front yard right now. This video below is awesome. I have always believed that the most obnoxious weeds must have incredible medicinal properties because they'v evolved so well.

Hope this helps!

Laura Ellen (Ualani)

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