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The Best Water Money Can Buy - Recommended by Over 6,500 Doctors & The President's Cardiologist!

Did you know that there is a type of water that you can make for far less money, per gallon, than bottled water? It's loaded with antioxidants, and the water is able to get into cells better than any other type of water I've ever found.

The technical name for this water is "Electrolyzed Reduced water," and you can see LOTS of studies about it, by CLICKING HERE. Further down the page, you'll find a link to go to my website where you can see many more videos about it, and sign up for a free newsletter. 

 Celebrities love it. Athletes love it. Chefs love it. And now you can have your own beautiful machine, to make deliciously hydrating water, in the convenience of your own kitchen!

Please note that, while Enagic has medical certification in Japan, and is endorsed by over 6,500 doctors there, Enagic makes NO claims to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Their machines are designed to make high-quality ionized water that improves hydration. While it can give people a general feeling of wellness, the Enagic company makes no health claims, and if you have a serious medical condition, you should be under the care of a physician.

Interesting facts about this Water:

It has a light, refreshing taste, and many people report that it's actually easier to drink, than regular water. This water has a different structure than tap water and bottled water, and it's easier for the body to absorb it, so it does a better job of hydrating your cells.

This water is recommended by over 6,500 doctors in Japan (the country that usually ranks #1 in Healthcare and Longevity)

The machines that make this water are medically certified in Japan, and have been used in Japanese hospitals for about 40 years.  Please note that Japanese hospital certification is very different from Korean medical certification (which does not require companies to use medical grade platinum). 

Enagic is the only company you'll find, that uses real medical grade platinum in it's multi-function ionizers. Why is this important? Because it ensures that the metal alloys from the ionizer plates won't start leaching into your water. Enagic uses real medical grade platinum for the same reason doctors use real medical grade plates in their ionizers. They know there are unhealthy long term effects to having metal alloys in your system. 

Other ionizer companies get away with using alloys that are not medical grade, because people don't notice a difference at first... but after a few years, or even a few months, those alloys will leach into the water. I believe this is a large part of the reason why other companies are often urging customers to "upgrade" to the "latest and greatest" models, which typically cost 1/3 to 1/4 of the cost, to manufacture, as an Enagic machine costs!

The original machines that made this water cost up to $340,000. But now they've made the machines into beautiful, compact, affordable home appliances.
This water is shown in hundreds of published medical studies, to have beneficial effects on humans and animals. 

Dr. Gerald Bresnahan, who has been the cardiologist to every president since Reagan (plus the pope and the queen of England) recommends this water.  It is also recommended by Dr. Hiromi Shinya, who invented the Polypectomy. He has incredible things to say about this water, and all his patients are told to drink it, as part of his healthcare protocol.

These machines are also owned by  Barack Obama, Bill Gates (who owns 16 of them), Tony Robbins, Tiger Woods, Jillian Michaels, Beyonce, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Janet Jackson, Demi Moore, Marian Carey, John Mayer, Leonardo DiCaprio, The New York Yankees, the LA Lakers, and one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time (we're not allowed to mention his name, but I've seen videos with the SD-501 platinum in his kitchen). 

To see several videos that will show you what the water can do, and show you why it's so different from tap or bottled water, CLICK HERE.  Keep in mind that these machines are AFFORDABLE!  I've had customers who've been able to finance a machine on Approved Credit, with a monthly payment that was less than many families pay for home delivery of bottled water. Between $17 and $44 per month, on approved credit. If for some reason you do not qualify, Enagic has added even more affordable financing programs, so that just about anyone can get a machine. To get in touch with me, just CLICK HERE.

Have you ever thought about how much money your family is likely to spend, in the long term, on bottled water? If you sit down and do the math, you're likely to see that you'll come out ahead if you get a Kangen water machine! 

I made a spreadsheet that shows how much bottled water can cost you in the long term - compared to Kangen water! Please note, this is for a family of 4. If your family is smaller or uses less, you can divide the numbers. Keep in mind how many bottles you will use in the long term (see the column to the far right). Many studies show that water from plastic bottles (even BPA free bottles) causes elevated estrogen levels, and can have negative effects on human health. 

The #1 factor in making ionized water affordable, is to get a machine that lasts a long time. If you get a machine that just lasts a few years, your cost per gallon will be high. But if you get a brand that is known to last over a decade with proper maintenance, your overall cost per gallon will be LOW! Enagic machines are built industrial grade, for hospital use, and they typically last 15-20 years. Some machines have been known to last over 30 years (like my Toyota, which turned 30 in 2019).

Your information will ONLY be used to contact you in reference to your inquiry. This information will NEVER be sold, shared or used in any way outside of your inquiry. You can feel safe in contacting us!

 There are other machines that try to make this type of water... but they don't even come CLOSE! 

NONE of Enagic's competitors' multi-function ionizers are able to make Hypochlorous acid, which requires a saline solution chamber (the fact that Enagic has this component makes it more expensive than other brands, but it's worth it... hypochlorous acid is so incredible, I've seen it sold for as high as $200 per gallon online). You can see how well it heals wounds, by CLICKING HERE. Hypochlorous acid kills pathogens better than bleach, yet it's safe enough to gargle with it!

The antioxidants from this machine typically last longer than the antioxidants from other machines sold in America - and those long-lasting antioxidants seem to make a difference, in how people feel, when they drink the water. 

When these water machines first hit the market, 200,000 units were sold at full price (they are never discounted) in the first year, with no paid advertising. Why? Because people who had been given this water knew beneficial it was, and word had spread through word of mouth. People who had been dismissed from the hospital literally waited in long lines outside the hospital to get more of this incredible water.

To learn about the different types of water the machine makes, CLICK HERE.

To see how this water is used by chefs in some of the greatest restaurants in the world, CLICK HERE.

Here are some great testimonials by people in the Sports Industry:

"We've had it at our facility now, for a little while, and it has been phenomenal. The initial process of getting this water into our clinic, given to our patients, to our fitness members, to our employees... it's been exciting."  "We had a fitness where all of our employees, for two months, were working out together, drinking the water together, and trying to see who had the best results overall. And all of us had great results, but one person in particular, who works here at the front desk, her wall sit went from 2 minutes to 22 minutes... I've never even heard of someone who could do a 22 minute wall sit. And she did nothing else different. And she won the whole contest. Her plank went from about 3 minutes to about 12 minutes. It was just... amazing results." 
-Jeff Thomas, MA, Postural Specialist, Owner of Motion O.C.

So I started incorporating the water in with their programs. And, started seeing immediate results with them. Again, the primary thing that I always hear is that they're sleeping better... sleep is a really big one, especially for women over 40. They were waking up feeling refreshed. They were more energized and more energy during the day. And the big changes that I saw with them when I was with them and working with them, was that their workouts, they were training harder or longer. They were actually pushing themselves harder. So I was able to bring them up to another level, just by adding one other component, which was the water."

"... Where I  personally noticed (the effects of the water) was an amazing change in my skin and my hair." "I looked more hydrated, I looked more healthy, and I had people come up to me that I hadn't seen in 3 or 4 months, saying, you know, what are you doing? Your skin looks amazing! And my hair, which, always, my whole life, had a little bit more on the frizzy (side), like, frizzy, flyaway kind of hair, and I use the water and I spray the 2.5 on my skin and my hair, every day. I actually was able to eliminate almost all of my products and all of the money that I was spending on hair...  and it's made an incredible change in my hair and it's much smoother and silkier, along with my skin being much softer and hydrated looking."
Lisa Crisalle, Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist Former figure competitor

"One of the most common things I've noticed is a decrease in muscle soreness. So, anyone that's worked out or been in the gym or done any form of exercise, or even someone that's just getting into a routine,  notices there's a thing called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It's common to exercise. Well, drinking this water reduces that so significantly... I mean, it's like nothing I've ever seen to address that." 

"You're going to find a radical improvement, the reason being this water's capacity to hydrate, to remove acidic waste from the body, and to reduce free radicals  inside the muscle is unparallelled. And I thought water was just water. And we know now today that the structure of your water is more important than the chemical compounds. That's what the top science says."  

"... At that point, I took it upon myself to share with a group of committed people that I was working with and said hey look, we're going to take a period of time and do an intensive hydration therapy with this Kangen water, and we're going to see what we can actually get done here, and we did a 21 day trial with a number of my clients, and the results were mind blowing."
-Wade Lightheart, 3-time Canadian Natural Bodybuilding Champion and develop of Sports Nutrition Products

"... I believe that the only way of being able to get a lot of those toxins out of my body was by changing the pH of that entire system, going from acidic to alkaline. So I've been able to notice that. And in getting rid of those toxins, my energy levels, my recovery, my joints...I know just being an athlete from the past, I had a lot of joint pain. Knees, and ankles and feet and back... and just by increasing that hydration, changing the pH of the largest component of my body which is water, changing that has truly allowed me a whole new level of energy and recovery potential that I've never had in the past."  

"The clientele that I'm fortunate to work with truly are elite athletes in the professional athletic world. And they have the opportunity to choose pretty much any product out there in the marketplace, and they choose us." 

When we change that quality of water from primarily acidic to alkaline, we're able to change that largest component of the body, and with that, we reduce that acid buildup, so your buildup or lingering, if you will, of that lactic acid and the uric acid, and those other acids that are causing and have been proven to increase our risks of sickness, whether it be from disease or general sickness, we're able to see so many people find that health or that quality of life, that really... there hasn't really been anything else to be able to provide them with that in such a short period of time.  -Shan Stratton, Nutritionist and Consultant to Professional Athletes
 -Shan Stratton, Nutritionist, Consultant to Professional Athletes

"The water has 3 amazing properties. The number one property is that it's highly anti-oxidant. The number two property is the micro-clustering, which means that instead of being a number of H20 molecules holding hands, it's only 6 of them.  And by being six molecules of H20 being held together, the absorption is almost instantaneous. You absorb it through your mouth and your esophagus before it even reaches your stomach. And the third one is that it's alkaline.

What happens is that when the H20 molecule is split in half by the Enagic Kangen water machines, it tends to have a much higher percentage of oxygen in the water, so when you drink it and it reaches your brain, you're actually getting oxygen for the first time in a long time." "Kangen water become part of our life... as much as oxygen is."
-Lucho Crisalle, Registered Dietician

"The results I personally had were phenomenal."  "I've recently had a baby, 7 months ago, and I have always been in good shape. I've been working out my whole life, really, 5, 6 days a week. What the water did was, I hit a plateau, I just couldn't lose any more weight after I had my third child. It was really frustrating to me and I started drinking this water with no thoughts (or) anticipation that I would lose any weight. It's been about 2 1/2 months now that I started drinking the water, and I've lost 18 pounds. The only thing I've done differently is drink the water."  "I've noticed with my patients that the water has helped with their pain, their inflammation, with their fatigue, they have more energy.... They're excited... they're excited to drink the water, they're excited to have something else to help with the pain and discomfort that they're in."  
-Natalie Thomas, PT, DPT, MPT, CFNS, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Owner of In Motion O.C


Here's another great testimonial from Wade Lightheart:
Wade Lightheart
Canadian National Bodybuilding Team Member
Three-Time Natural National Bodybuilding Champion

International Online Trainer Wade Lightheart has authored several books, has over 230 published articles and over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry…the following is his experience drinking Kangen™ Water.

“I’m real excited to talk about my experience with Kangen™Water…what happened just a few months ago really shocked me and I believe, it will be sending another shock waves into the athletic world…I was introduced to Kangen™ Water when I was invited to attend a demonstration…I went over to check it out and considered myself fairly knowledgeable about water, as I write about it in my books and I recognize the importance…I went over and had my first glass of water and I can honestly say that, from my very first glass, I said “Wow! There is something very different with this water”.

I know my body very well and I knew that I had never tasted any water like this before…there was something going on at a cellular level as the water went into my body…I started drinking the water and I watched the presentation…everything that was said during the presentation totally fit in with everything I had learned in the last 20 years…I wasn’t aware of any technology that could produce the results that I was feeling…I had been exposed to other ionizers and, frankly, I hadn’t been impressed…this time I was feeling something quite different in my body in just the first few hours. Over the next few days I drank more water and saw the presentation a few more times…by the 3rd day I looked in the mirror and I could not believe the results…I was losing body fat at a rate that was quite shocking…my recovery at the gym was at a phenomenal rate…I felt like I could run thorough the gym walls…the water was doing something so positive that I decided to put myreputation on the line and I entered the National Bodybuilding Championships…with only 2 weeks preparation I won in two different categories and qualified to compete for Natural Mr. Olympia in Greece…because of the Kangen™ Water my physique transformed; my life transformed; I’m thrust back into competition…I believe that Kangen™Water, produced by the Enagic machine, is going to be the next great thing in athletic performance!”
The water machine we bought is truly the best investment we've ever made in our health! Again, if you'd like to learn more, or get in touch with me, just fill out the contact form on my website, by CLICKING HERE.

I look forward to speaking with you!

 Laura Ellen (Ualani)

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