Friday, October 23, 2015

The Best Water Money Can Buy - Recommended by Over 6,000 Doctors & The President's Cardiologist!

Update: I have an entire blog devoted to this awesome, special water (that you've probably never heard of yet!). You can see it by CLICKING HERE.

Did you know that there is a type of water that you can make for less than a dollar a gallon, that has more antioxidants than green tea, and more electrolytes than Gatorade?  It is able to get into cells better than any other type of water you can buy. Celebrities love it. Athletes love it. Chefs love it. And now you can have your own machine, to make deliciously hydrating water, in the convenience of your own kitchen!

Interesting facts about this Water:

It has a light, refreshing taste, and many people report that it's actually easier to drink, than regular water. This water has a different structure than tap water and bottled water, and it's easier for the body to absorb it, so it does a better job of hydrating your cells.

This water is recommended by over 6,000 doctors in Japan (the country that usually ranks #1 in Healthcare and Longevity)

The machines that make this water are medically certified in Japan, and have been used in Japanese hospitals for about 40 years.  

The original machines that made this water cost $340,000. But now they've made the machines into affordable home appliances.

This water is shown to improve cardiovascular function.

This water is shown in hundreds of published medical studies, to have beneficial effects on humans and animals. 

Dr. Gerald Bresnahan, who has been the cardiologist to every president since Reagan (plus the pope and the queen of England) recommends this water.  It is also recommended by Dr. Hiromi Shinya, who invented the Polypectomy. He has incredible things to say about this water, and all his patients are told to drink it, as part of his healthcare protocol.

These machines are owned by top celebrities like President Obama, Bill Gates (who owns 16 of them), Tony Robbins, Donald Trump, Tiger Woods, Jillian Michaels, Beyonce, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston (who says it's for her dogs), Janet Jackson, Demi Moore, Marian Carey, John Mayer, Leonardo DiCaprio, The New York Yankees, the LA Lakers, and more. 

You can get finance a machine on Approved Credit for less than your family may be paying for home delivery of bottled water. Between $17 and $44 per month, on approved credit.

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When you contact me through the website, I will send you a Free Report showing why this water is different than ANY other type of water on the market. There are other machines that try to make this type of water... but they don't even come CLOSE!

The antioxidants from this machine can last up to 10 times longer (or more) than the antioxidants from any other water machine sold in America - and those long-lasting antioxidants really make a big difference.

When these water machines first hit the market, 200,000 units were sold at full price (they are never discounted) in the first year, with no paid advertising. Why? Because people who had been given this water knew beneficial it was, and word had spread through word of mouth. People who had been dismissed from the hospital literally waited in long lines outside the hospital to get more of this incredible water.

To learn more about this truly smart water, just 


To see several videos that will show you what the water can do, and show you why it's so different from tap or bottled water, CLICK HERE.  

To learn about the different types of water the machine makes, CLICK HERE.

To see how this water is used by chefs in some of the greatest restaurants in the world, CLICK HERE.

I really hope you get to try this water in your lifetime. The water machine we bought is truly the best investment we've ever made in our health!

Laura Ellen (Ualani)

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