Monday, October 19, 2015

The Fastest and Easiest way to get ALL your Veggies - in Just 5 minutes!

In 2012 I became OBSESSED with the Nutribullet.

Seriously. I mean obsessed.

I was such a big fan, I wanted to be a Nutribullet Spokesperson (like the person who shows people how to use a Vitamix at Costco, and gives away free samples). And if I couldn't, I seriously wanted to sell the damn things. I had a dozen facebook friends tell me they bought one after my rampant posts online, raving about it... so why wouldn't I want to sell these things? (That was exactly how I felt about the Water machine when I first learned about it).

I also did a YouTube testimonial about it (albeit a very long one that could have used some serious editing) but I was just so damn excited about this thing I couldn't shut up about it!!

I still love my Nutribullet and consider it one of the best investments I ever made (though it got knocked down to second place once we got our Kangen water machine). But they are both fantastic at making the body more alkaline. They both have their unique capabilities. The water may give me more antioxidants than a nutriblast, but a Nutriblast will give me fiber and other nutrients the water can't.

Either way.... for anyone reading this, I highly recommend you get a Nutribullet. They're relatively cheap now - you can get them for under a hundred bucks! I paid about $150 for mine. As soon as I saw the infomercial for it (with David Wolfe) I knew I had to get one, and I also got the 25 year warranty because I knew I'd want to use the thing all the time.

Just a few months before I'd seen the infomercial, I had been making "vegetable shakes" with lettuce, because I could tell they made a huge difference in how fast and how long I could run. But I wasn't real happy with how chunky the lettuce was. I had to practically choke it down (though I did, anyway, because I knew it would make a difference... it was just NOT pleasant).

So as you can imagine, when I saw there was a way to make a vegetable shake that was silky SMOOTH... I was all over it like white on rice! To this day, I still rave about the Nutribullet, and think everyone should have one in their home.  

They're easy to use, easy to clean, and it's an easy way to help you get the vegetables you need, in less than 5 minutes, so you don't have to think about it for the rest of the day. The mental clarity and energy you will have, from drinking vegetable shakes, is incredible. No home should be without one of these things!

Have I made myself clear? Seriously... if you don't have one yet.... go get one. You won't be sorry!

UPDATE 11-6-15... Oh... I'm in big trouble. Today I saw a commercial for the "Nutribullet Rx." The one advantage the Vitamix seemed to have over the Nutribullet was that it was able to blend it a little better and make things hot, but this new Nutribullet will do it. It's about $1489 on Amazon Prime.


UPDATE 2018: I finally bought a Nutribullet RX, and love it. I like it that I can make 3 shakes at a time, and store them in the fridge. The one thing I don't care for, is that the blades spin so fast, it can heat up the shake, even if you don't want it to be heated. But I still prefer to use this machine, over my other Nutribullets, because I like to make large quantities at a time, and it's still easier to clean up, than a Vitamix.

Go get one, if you don't already have one, it's awesome.

Laura Ellen (Ualani)

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