Friday, October 23, 2015

The Link between Root Canals and Cancer

OK so this is another one of those posts I don't really have time to work on right now but I'm putting this here in the hopes that even just one person might benefit from reading this.

My friend and mentor, Monica, told me about this connection and when she did, I yelled "WHAT?!?!?" so loudly, my cats scattered and ran out of the room. I had never heard anything so absurd, and I've heard of some pretty absurd things (that were backed up with a ton of evidence).  I've heard of some pretty crazy connections between things.... like hearing about  "magic healing water" that was shown to help people with various health conditions.... or the fact that there seems to be a strong link between Candida and Autism.... .

But this one took absurdity to a whole new level.

Because I don't have time to write out a whole post about this at the moment, I'm just going to post a link from a woman who does a fantastic job of explaining the possible connection, on her website, AnnCredible. Huge thanks to Ann for this detailed post. It's the best explanation I could find on the web!!!

Hope this helps someone!!!


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