Sunday, October 18, 2015

Why I No Longer Get Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

This use to be a chronic problem for me. But not anymore! Why? Because I learned that Probiotics did a better job of getting rid of UTIs, than antibiotics or cranberry juice ever did.

I plan to write a lot more about my experience with UTIs, but for now I'm going to share an invaluable tip I got from a girl friend a few years ago.... take PROBIOTICS. It works like a miracle for me. It's cheap and you can get Probiotics  in any drugstore. If I feel a UTI coming on, I take 2 of these (Nature's Bounty, 20 billion cultures per pill), drink lots of water, and somehow that knocks it right out. I keep it in the fridge so it will last longer. 

Please believe me when I tell you that when this girl friend recommended the probiotics, I had NO INTEREST in taking her advice, I was in a lot of pain and discomfort, but she INSISTED I try it because she had heard this advice from a guy who ran a local health food store and he gave a lot of great advice. He said to take a probiotic with at least 20 billion live cultures. 

She actually brought over lots of probiotics and insisted that I just try it, it couldn't hurt.  Finally, I just said fine. And OMG.... I could not believe how well it worked. It was unbelievable. 

To think of all the times I'd suffered with pain, because I didn't have antibiotics on hand (and didn't have time or money to get to the doctor for a prescription). There was one time I even had to cough up $500 to go to an emergency room to get antibiotics! It seemed crazy to think I could have just picked up probiotics in a drugstore, for less than $30!!!  I am very grateful for this tip I got from my friend, and have shared it with many women.

Also, it helped to take Cystex for immediate pain relief. This seems to work even better than Uristat or Azo.

It also helps to drink lots of water. I've heard some women raving about how the special water I drink helped them with UTIs but please know I was able to get rid of my UTI before I even got our awesome water machine, by using regular WELL FILTERED water. 

Your UTI will get worse if your water is heavily chlorinated. On another note, heavily chlorinated water (21 parts per billion or higher) can cause an increased risk for bladder cancer... please read this page to see I'm not kidding.

And yes ladies you DO need to pee shortly after you have sex. Eating lots of sugary foods will just make your condition worse, and things will get particularly bad if the weather is warm. 

To think of how many years I suffered with those damn UTI's, thinking the ONLY way I could get rid of one was with antibiotics! They probably made my SIBO (and acne) even worse.

On the positive side of things, one time I had a particularly bad UTI, I was desperate to try and cure myself so I drank tons of vitamin C. Well, it seemed like the Vitamin C did NOTHING to fix the UTI. However, I did notice that when I bit my lip, really hard, it healed extremely quickly. And I realized this was because of the Vitamin C. So, for the last 10 years, as soon as I bite my lip by accident (which I seem to do every few months) I take about 5,000 mg of vitamin C, and POOF. The cut heals right up. Just a warning, do not do this if you're pregnant.

Hope this helps!

Laura Ellen (Ualani)

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