Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why I Almost Never Get (or STAY) Sick

First of all, let me tell you, I am one of those people who HATES being sick. I will do just about anything to avoid getting sick. While I think a part of me liked getting sick, in high school (because it meant you could "get a day off" from school), I absolutely hate being sick as an adult. I hate being in any state where my energy is reduced and my thinking is impaired. Being sick is almost worse than being drunk. 

I used to get sick at least twice a year - it was just something I could count on. I took tons of antibiotics in my teenage years, for acne, had a poor diet, and didn't have the best immune system. I'd tried different things, in the past, to beat a cold, from taking lots of vitamin C pills, to vitamin C powder in water (with a little sugar so it's bearable), to echinacea in pill and also liquid form. I'd also done Zinc, Emergen-C, and Airborne. But none of those things really got rid of a cold the way I'd have liked it to work.

Then, in 2001, my sister told me about Wellness Formula. And it changed my life.

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The day she introduced me to it, I could tell I was coming down with something because my first sign is almost always a raw, sore throat.   She pulled out a little ziploc bag full of beige capsules (her travel stash) and handed me six of them.

"Take this. It'll go away."

I looked at the large pills in my hand. "Six?" I said. "That's a lot of pills."

"Trust me. It's worth it." She said. "It works better than anything."

I took them and HOLY MOSES. She was right. Whatever it was, that had been coming on, JUST VANISHED.

Why did it work so well? Because this stuff contains just about everything known to mankind, to kill a cold. You know how some people say take zinc, some say take vitamin C, some say astragalus, some say take echinacea.... well these pills have all of that and way more. I'm telling you. It's unreal how well it works. If it doesn't completely knock out a cold, it should reduce your symptoms, or cut your sick time in half. At least that's how it's always been for me.

What happened when I DIDN'T take this stuff

This past winter I did end up getting sick because I didn't recognize the early sign of a particularly nasty bug that had been making the rounds at my office. I had developed a scratchy throat, and because it wasn't the usual raw, sore throat I get before a full blown cold, I ignored it and didn't start pounding Wellness Formula like I usually do. 

BIG MISTAKE. I ended up getting sick with a high fever and horrible body aches, and had to take the day off work! So just be aware that sometimes colds can come in different forms and your symptoms may be different, depending on the strain that's going around. Luckily the Wellness reduced the amount of time I had to take off but still.. I hate even having to take an hour off, much less a day.

In the last 14 years, I have only been sick a couple of times, thanks to Wellness Formula. Since then, I've bought it for many co-workers, employers, friends and family members. When I told my Aunt about it, she was a 4th grade schoolteacher. She told me when she talked to other teachers in the "teacher's lounge" at her school, they said "Don't you know about that stuff? We're ALL on it!!!"  If you want to know the latest in what will effectively knock out a cold... check with an elementary school teacher! (Note: another friend of mine, an elementary school teacher in her 20's, told me that when I shared my awesome water with her, she never got sick when all the teachers around her did... I'm thinking it must be the antioxidants). 

I recently took a self defense class, and I realized that protecting yourself from predators is like protecting your immune system. The predators and sick people are always going to be out there, so it's up to US to do what we can to protect ourselves. Germs are EVERYWHERE, and if we're not armed to stop them, they will bring us down. Luckily, Wellness Formula is not hard to get. They have it at Whole Foods, and it's often on sale. 

I have a friend who was complaining about how someone at work got her sick. I will call her Peggy.  I told her Peggy, you need to protect yourself. There are always going to be sick people at work. It's up to US to make sure that other people don't make us sick! It took me years to convince her to try Wellness Formula, but when she finally did, she was blown away and actually bought it for a bunch of her friends at work, just like I have!

This stuff even knocked out the FLU a couple of years ago. I had been working at the airport and touched just about every pole and handrail there was in the place, before getting in my car and going to get dinner (mediterranean food). Normally I like to wash my hands before eating but I was so hungry, I picked up a piece of bread and ate it. Within an hour, I could feel my immunity rapidly dropping. I realized I'd just swallowed somebody else's Flu bug. I loaded up on Wellness Formula and that night my body felt under attack, my heart beat faster but I didn't actually feel sick. It's hard to describe, but I just knew there was a war going on inside, between these flu germs and the Wellness Formula. I could feel it.

The only way I can think of to describe it is.... it reminded me of being in a hurricane with all the windows taped and you're just waiting it out. You can feel the power of what's raging outside, yet it's not hurting you, but you can feel it. That's how it was. I don't know how else to describe it, but that hadn't happened before, and it hasn't happened since, but that one instance made me feel sure this stuff has the ability to knock out the flu. Whatever it was my body was battling, was HUGE. By morning it was like the morning after a storm. Everything was calm again and I was back to normal.

If you ever find yourself getting sick, please try this stuff. Check out the reviews on Amazon if you don't believe me. I'm telling you, it's the stuff that's not well-advertised, that works the best.

Be sure to keep it in the fridge, it will last a lot longer. The only time this DIDN'T work was when I left it out too long and didn't refrigerate it.

Oh yeah... and I always take the capsules, not the tablets. I've heard some people say the tablets work well but I just can't take them. The smell makes me kind of nauseous (and since it made me feel sick that just seemed to make me feel worse). It's up to you, but I've never had a problem with the capsules at all - they work great.



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